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Services Provided

  • Round the Clock nursing.
  • Weekly visit by a general Physician.
  • Monthly visit by consultant Physician and is also on call.
  • Individual Medical Files maintained for all residents.
  • Basic requirement of drugs provided on medical advice.
  • Designated room for Masjid to enable residents to pray.
  • Residents taken for Jumma & Eid Prayers to Main Masjid.
  • Conduct of Religious discourses by arrangement.
  • In case of grave illness, sponsors will be notified immediately.
  • In case of Death, The Chairman/Secretary and staff of the LFHE will help in the funeral arrangement in consultation with next of kin.

Guiding Principles

  • Objective of comforting the Elderly to contribute improvements in the quality of life and alleviating the suffering of the residents.
  • We provide assistance to the elderly based on actual needs regardless of gender or social status.
  • We shall remain impartial and work towards the improvements of the Home regardless of other considerations.
  • We are accountable to those who assist us and to those whom we assist, we also assure that our assistance is transparent and will not brook any corruption in the use of equipment and supplies.
  • We seek to involve our benefactors and donors in the implementation of our future plans for the benefit of the Home.
  • We request the well wishers and donors to work towards the ideals and needs of the Home to enhance the living standards of the residents.
  • We expect all parties to respect the elderly and their social needs and to give light to them in the twilight years of their lives.


To fulfill the aspirations of the donors and to seek the pleasure of our Lord to comfort the afflicted and the aged in the twilight of their lives.


We are a social service organization, totally dependent on the largesse of our brothers in the community to service our project in fulfilling our obligations to the elders under our care. It is towards this end that we solicit your benevolence in earnest to achieve our objectives.

Is to improve the quality of life of the elders and fulfill our obligations towards the needy amongst them.

Donations to us

The Management Committee welcomes all donors and well-wishers to provide their time whenever possible to lighten up the lives of the residents. To share your happy moments like birthdays, anniversaries, alms givings and any such events with the residents.

Cheques may be drawn in favour of:
on A/c of Lady Fareed Home for Elders.
Current Account No. 0000350911.
Bank of Ceylon, City Office,
Colombo. 01.
Digital Code: BCEYLKLX,
Bank Code: 7010.
Branch Code: 001.

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